Stage 1 : Artwork

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Copy is proofread for a final time and the design files are checked for spacing, alignment and font styles. لويس سواريز In digital, we create the build kits and the CSS files, with corresponding assets. سيرخيو أغويرو بنجامين أغويرو The design product is polished and perfected ready for roll out.

Stage 2 : Production

You let us know what you need and we’ll handle the fuss of it all, whilst taking full responsibility for a seamless delivery. When it comes to production, we’re strong believers that designers are meant to work hand-in-hand with printers and other suppliers. It’s an age old partnership and we know how to get the best results from them. خطط الدومينو

Stage 3 : Digital build

This is where we call in our techy team to write the code which brings our digital design to life. They slice and dice the design PSDs, create the CSS and HTML and away they go, building functionality and integrating every hyperlink link, button, image and finite data.