We pride outselves on having great design skills.  But you cannot just throw usability and accessability out the window when trying to acheive a good design.

I recently read an article at Usability Post about the 7 most common usability mistakes.  While they were all valid, the most commented on was the underlinging of links on a page.

Yes, they’re ugly.  But we can fix that.  How?  CSS!

Try something like this :

a {
border-bottom:1px dotted #ccc;

This will make your links a little less obvious (said: ulgy) with an outcome like this. You can play with the border type, between solid, dotted and dashed. You can still have an underline on hover by adding :

a:hover {
border-bottom: none;

I hope this helps out with your linking dilemmas in the future. Please let me know what sort of tips and tricks you would like to see on our site.