A lot of clients ask us for our most common practices and how to do menial WordPress tasks.  Not to say that these tasks are not important, they are just simple to do and can be done by anyone.

There are a few things we do immediately after setting up WordPress for a client or ourselves.

  1. First things first, make sure the date and format are correct and to the request of the client.
  2. Set up the categories.  WordPress comes with a category called ‘Uncategorized’.  it’s generally a good idea to change the display name and slug (read: file/folder name) for that category since it will be your default.
  3. If you want to link to your friends or sister sites, you can easily use the Links page, which can be found under ‘Write’ or ‘Manage’.
  4. Set-up the permalinks the way the client wants them, this can be done using a bunch of available tags.  We generally stick with /%category%/%postname%.
  5. Install the usual list of plugins: Advanced Excerpt, Post-Plugin Library, Similar Posts and Search Everything.
  6. Delete the Classic theme, because it just wastes space.

If you’re in need of a custom wordpress plugin, email us.  We’ll be happy to help!