How the Autistic Mind Functions – an Insider’s Report

Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research: ABSTRACT: Autism can most clearly be understood from the inside looking out. Those who are looking in have no frame of reference by which to readily understand what it is they are observing. Autism is neither neurodevelopmental nor a disorder. It is simply an inherent neurophysiological difference […]

Autism as an Intellectual Lens

Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research, Volume 2020, Issue 01: ABSTRACT: There is an inherent neurophysiological difference in how the autistic brain processes information. We who are autistic live in a specialized inner world that is entirely intellectual, free from emotional and social distractions.

The Neurophysiological Cause of Autism

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology 2020, Vol.11, Issue 5, 001-004: The current overly broad definition of autism has launched an epidemic of false diagnoses that include conditions of uncertain similarities. Professionals diagnose by ticking off symptoms on a subjective checklist that has no clear relation to causality. This study firmly establishes that autism has […]

Autism Breakthrough: Discovery in Neurophysiology

Available at Amazon: Autism is a mental superpower with emotion as its kryptonite. Autism is perpetual and unrelenting hyperfocus, the state of intense single-minded concentration fixated on one thought pattern at a time to the exclusion of everything else, including one’s own feelings. We who are autistic live in an inner space that is […]

Litmus Test for Autism

© David Rowland Hyperfocus is the unique and defining causal state of autism that creates all of its observed characteristics.  Hyperfocus prevents someone from dividing attention between two thought patterns or two stimuli at the same time.  An autistic person talking to you is incapable of feeling any emotion in that moment.  The surest way […]

Autism and Fearlessness

Autistic people are the only ones on the planet who are incapable of experiencing fear. If you meet someone who has never felt any kind of fear in his entire life, that person is most assuredly autistic. The amygdala (fear center) of every autistic brain is inactive. Alex Honnold, the expert free solo climber in […]

Autistic People are Compulsive Truth Tellers

by David Rowland, Autism Expert Autistic people tell the truth because we have no choice in the matter.* Our brains are hard wired to fixate on only one thought at a time. We cannot run two mental programs simultaneously. This means we cannot lie spontaneously, because to do so would require dividing our attention between […]

The Real “Rain Man” was Not Autistic

by David Rowland, Autism Expert The 1988 movie, Rain Man, may have done a major disservice to the autism community.  The real person on whom Dustin Hoffman based his Raymond Babbage character was Kim Peek (1951-2009).  Kim Peek was NOT autistic. Kim Peek was born with several brain abnormalities, including agenesis of the corpus callosum, […]