There are now three versions of the popular apple browser; OS-X (of course), Windows XP and Vista. The performance grids on Safari compared to Firefox and IE are outstanding. Safari is a whole 1.6x faster than FF and 4.5x faster than IE7. Phenomenal when you consider the rendering time of some pages online. لعبة الطاولة بالانجليزي What does this mean for the windows xp or Vista version as far as rendering our CSS? ماهي الالعاب التي تربح المال We’ll keep you updated! For more information please check

Please note that the safari that has been released is only a Beta (version 3), but it has been thoroughly tested.

You may also notice that Apple has launched their site with a whole new design! أمريكان اكسبرس   Excellent work I might add.  We love the new look.